Google AdWords Management for Doctors & Medical Practices

This is Google’s service for pay-per-click advertising that is generally seen at the top of its search results pages. This paid service is one of the best ways of generating immediate traffic through to your new website while other longer term strategies such as SEO are maturing.

If Google AdWords is a good fit for your needs, we will help you choose certain keywords that are frequently used while searching for a doctor (or your specific health field) in your surrounding areas and more broadly as required. Using these keywords, an advertisement is created. There are many options around this and we’ll need to get a clearer understanding of your needs before discussing costs. Please call us to discuss this in appropriate detail.

Benefits of AdWords for Medical Practice

  • While organic SEO will primarily help you receive patients from your nearest town or city, AdWords will expand your website’s geographical reach by sourcing patients from the adjoining areas. Using AdWords, it is possible to target individuals within preset radii from the address of your medical practice.
  • One of the most important benefits of AdWords is that you can have complete control over the campaign after it has been set-up. Based on your requirement and ability to entertain new patients, you can turn the campaign off or on. No other marketing solution offers this control feature.

Who Should Use?

Doctor Web Design understands the intricacies of different specialisations in healthcare. This allows us to create specific advertising campaigns for different fields.

AdWords Management

We are a certified Google Premier Partner, and have a thorough understanding of the process for creating and managing AdWords campaigns that are designed specifically for doctors and health professionals. Just let us know the services you want to target and let us deliver the results for you.

Call us today to discuss the best strategy for your medical practice.