Frequently Asked Questions

We offer an extensive range of website development and associated services for small businesses all over Australia. The FAQs mentioned below will help you find out more about our services and how your dental practice can benefit from these services.

Website hosting and the renewal of domain names are the two ongoing expenses required to keep your website live. All websites on the web must be hosted by a server and no website can exist without hosting. If the website is the ‘house’, then the hosting is like the land you put it on. The house can’t really exist if there is no land to put it on.

Additionally, the domain name of your website needs to be renewed every year or every two years depending on the type of domain (for example, .com or

Yes you can. We can install our websites in any hosting provided it meets certain technical requirements (please contact us for the specifics). However, we highly recommend using our own hosting for a number of reasons:

  1. It is in Australia. This makes it quicker for local traffic and better for SEO. No matter how much you think you might save by using cheap overseas hosting, you’ll lose that from people getting tired of waiting for a slow loading website and going to a competitor’s website instead
  2. Ask anyone who has run a website or two in the past: it is infinitely simpler to have just one number to call if there are problems. Having one provider for the host, and another for the website maintenance, and another for the domain host, and another for the email host can just be a nightmare for you, the customer. It is much better to consolidate as much as possible.


We design it, and build it. We can host it, work SEO magic on it and update it. You can maintain it yourself or we can. It’s up to you. One of the beauties of the websites we create is the ease of maintenance, and their utility.


You may cancel or transfer your hosting at any point of time. Our website hosting service comes without any contractual obligations. As noted above however, it will just make your life easier if we look after the whole thing (rather than spreading your online presence over multiple providers). That said, our websites are built on open source tools, so any good web designer worth their salt can maintain and update one of our websites.

Certainly! Our simple instructions for self-management of your website make it effortless to carry out any desired change. In case you are stuck anywhere, our support team is always at your service.

In general, it can take a minimum of twenty days to complete a draft website. This time period depends on how promptly we receive the initial details from you and the time required for reviewing the website, and the complexity of the website. After the approval of the website by you, the website goes live and can be viewed publicly.

Also, please remember that the website will not appear immediately in search results as the search engines requires time to index newly constructed websites.


We design and build comprehensive ecommerce websites that can sell thousands of products. These can include all popular payment gateways (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal etc).

Generally, yes.

Improvements to existing websites is a service we provide. Due to our long experience we are able to work with a number of technologies and platforms however, due to technological improvements over the years, the ever increasing tightening of web security, and mobile responsiveness, for larger improvements we may recommend a rebuild may be more appropriate (and cheaper). Get in touch to find out how we can help.


If you don’t have a domain we can also help arrange that.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving and adding to a website so that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing improve the ranking of a website when someone searches for a related term. Statistics consistantly show that the first three positions in search results get the lion’s share of all online enquiries, and if you are not on the first page, you are barely in business.

Yes we do.

We provide a comprehensive analysis, strategy, and content to incrementally improve your SEO so your search ranking improves and you profit. We don’t use contracts or lock-in agreements. You choose to continue with us based on the improvement to your business that you can see.

Our method of creating websites has been tried and trued over the years. Initially, we discuss your needs, and then design a mockup of a homepage. We make changes to this design until you are happy with it. Only then do we design the other pages for the rest of the website. Once you are – again – happy with the designs (and have signed off on them) we build the actual site. This process ensures there are no surprises or shocks, and the process of design is a negotiation and conversation. Nothing happens without your approval.

For this reason we have NEVER had to offer a refund for someone who is not happy with their design.

A is more relevant for Australian searches because searches from Australia are geo-targeted by Google for ranking. What this means is that if you are seeking Australian customers you are better off with the ‘.au’ suffix as they will rank better for local markets. Larger international companies often register a local domains in different countries, and the simple .com (nominally USA based) can often be used for general international markets.

Emails can be included with your website.

We have two options in this regard. For smaller businesses with lower volume and a limited number of email addresses we can include a pop3 mail server on your Silver (or above) web hosting, and administer this for you as required. Within certain constraints, there is no charge for this service.

For larger volume email, and larger businesses we recommend Google’s Gsuite of online tools. This is a comprehensive package suitable for most businesses. There is a charge for setting this up, and also a monthly fee paid to Google. We use GSuite for our own email system.

Yes, all websites developed by us are tablet and smartphone friendly.

​Sure, please visit our portfolio page.

You may use any image that belongs to you or you are authorised to use. We can also source high-quality and relevant stock images for clients that are not able to provide any images.

Yes, this is possible by installing Google Analytics. This online resource can provide comprehensive information related to the visitors to a website including keyword searches, number of website visitors, time spent on each page, area of residence of the visitors, and much more.

Yes, one page websites have a particular style unto themselves and we have a number of good examples in our portfolio. Creating one of these can also be a good first step in gradually developing further pages in the future. Especially for businesses starting out this is an excellent option.

Unless otherwise stated, our prices do not include GST.

All our SEO packages include monthly reporting on a number of key performance metrics.

Alternately, if you would like to administer this yourself we can set up Google Analytics for you to use, for a one-off fee. Note that most business owners ultimately find they have difficulty finding the time or knowledge to make effective use of analytics information – especially when it comes to competing with competitors who may be getting professional assistance.

A Google service, Google My Business allows users to create Google Places listings for their business. This also secures a page one display on Google whenever the business name is searched. Moreover, the business also receives a Google + page connected to the Google Places listing. We can set this up for you provided you have a registered address for the business. There is a one-off charge for this service.

Generally, yes.

We can normally help you with updates and new pages for your website. This service has an hourly fee. Quite often, we suggest customers allocate a budget for this and we will make changes until the funds are used.

Keep in mind however that after a certain point it may well be cheaper to rebuild the website from scratch. Occasionally we rebuild websites with exactly the same layout and design, but using more modern technologies and techniques when a client wants to maintain a particular look but with additional functionality etc.

Yes, we can build e-commerce websites that can help you do this. Please contact us for more details.

Over the years we have seen many technologies come and go, and we have tried them all. As a result, we make use of the best open source systems and put our focus into ensuring the design of the website is the best it could be. Our view is there is little point in trying to recreate the wheel when existing wheels are already ten times better than ones most businesses could afford if they were designed from scratch.

We have a small operation, and everyone in our team are hands on. This makes us more efficient. When a business reaches a certain size an extra layer of management is needed, and this in turn creates additional overheads, which results in more expensive products. We have none of that.