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Medical web design and online marketing for healthcare providers in Australia

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Building and maintaining a good website is a necessity for a modern medical practice.

If you manage a medical practice or allied health professionals’ service, you know that having a good website design and online presence is essential. Medical website design can be a very specific niche, and a healthcare provider knows their web presence needs to be highly professional for the benefits of both new and existing patients.

We can design, host, manage your website, and provide comprehensive online marketing services, regardless of your area of specialisation. As a certified Google Premier Partner and having been designing and building websites for nearly 20 years, we have created a strong online presence for hundreds of doctors and medical practices all over Australia.

Medical websites

Medical websites are of a distinct calibre and it can require a particular knowledge of website design to ensure your website meets your criteria. At Doctor Web Design our services include custom medical website design for all healthcare and medical industries.

We are able to provide you with a healthcare website design package that can meet budget and requirements of any medical service provider. We custom design according to the latest medical web designs around the web so you can be assured our designs will look contemporary and professional, and will include all the requirements you need such as links for online bookings, Teleheath and other providers.

In addition to website design, we offer comprehensive online marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) packages that over time can have a high amount of impact on increasing your visibilty to new patients.

Our medical web design services and online marketing are designed to improve your practice image, generate new patients, enhance communication with existing patients, increase loyalty & referral rates, promote an atmosphere of professionalism & trust, and project the right image for your practice & profession.

Your tailored, new website and online marketing campaign is ready for you now. Please get in touch to find out more.

The three step process to building your new website


Design Phase

In the first step, based on your specifications, your project manager will work with you to create a design brief. This is then given to one of our in house designers to create a website look and feel that represents your practice in the best possible way, whilst following best practice design principles. Once you are happy with the design, the process moves to the development phase.


Development Phase

The two parts of design and development are handled by separate departments, and so the actual website development begins only after you are fully satisfied with the designs. The medical website development team will then convert the designs into functional webpages and include the required programming, CMS, database, plugins, and other resources and frameworks as required.


Online Marketing

Once the development phase is complete, you will have an opportunity to check and review the website as all other content is added. When your new website is completely ready, we can then host and publish it. If your package includes online marketing, the strategy for this would have been developed whilst the website was being designed. Once published your website marketing strategy can be implemented in earnest.

Custom medical website design

Look through some of our recent projects to see the types of work other healthcare providers and medical practices have asked us to design.

Dr Alex Hamilton

  • Web Design

    Designing custom-made websites for doctors and health professionals is our core area of specialisation. Our designs can be focused on unique combinations of patient engagement, enquiries, referrals, conversions, or anything else you require. We typically recommend WordPress as the heart of your new website, and will build a custom website around that user friendly core.

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic design is an integral part of building a website. Our graphic designing services also include stationery design, logo design, signage for your clinic, and much more. Apart from new clinics, this service can also be useful for doctors looking to update their existing clinic’s image.

  • Online Medical Marketing

    The only practical objective behind building a great website is to ensure that it is used by potential customers. Our ROI-focused doctor website marketing campaigns can not only boost your website traffic, but also increase your patient base through PPC, SEO, and social media.

  • Domains and Hosting

    If your website were a house, then ‘hosting’ is like the land the house is on, and your domain is a bit like the street address. You need all three in order to have a website online. We are a comprehensive one stop shop and this can make your life much easier than scattering services between providers.

We are well aware of the specific website related requirements for different specialisations in the medical field. This is why we have created service packages that are tailor-made for:

Cardiologist, Cardiac electrophysiologist, Cardiovascular surgeon, Adolescent medicine specialist, Endocrinologist, Family medicine physician, Endocrinologist, Haematologist, Hospitalist, Hand surgeon, Gastroenterologist, Gynaecologic oncologist, Hepatologist, Forensic pathologist, Gynaecologist, Hyperbaric physician, Allergist, Internist, Critical care medicine specialist, Hospice and palliative medicine specialist, Developmental paediatrician, Dermatologist, Colon and rectal surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Addiction psychiatrist, Medical examiner, Neonatologist, Medical geneticist, Interventional cardiologist, Nephrologist, Neurologist, Neurological surgeon, Obstetrician, Nuclear medicine specialist, Oncologist, Ophthalmologist,  Occupational medicine specialist, Orthopaedic surgeon, Pain management specialist, Oral surgeon, Otolaryngologist,  Pathologist, Perinatologist, Paediatrician, Physiatrist, Physiotherapy, Plastic surgeon, Pulmonologist, Radiologist, Psychiatrist, Radiation oncologist, Rheumatologist, Radiologist, Sleep disorders specialist, Reproductive endocrinologist, Sports medicine specialist, Thoracic surgeon, Spinal cord injury specialist, Surgeon, Urologist, Vascular surgeon, or Thoracic surgeon.